Vitagermine, Organic Food, Organic Nutrition
Why organic products ?

Organic Agriculture Main Principles
- Use of natural manures

- Prohibition of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)

- Animals fed with organic food

- Respect of seasonal cycles

- Rotation of land under cultivation

- Harvesting of plants when ripping

- Animals’ Respect
(access to open fields, preventive care with homeopathy)

How to recognize an organic product?

The AB logo is an official sign of quality !
Products which carry this logo have been elaborated according to the production certification of organic agriculture. After having carried out several controls, an independent certifying organism (Ecosert sas, Qualité France…) delivers an organic agriculture production certificate which allows the producer to use the AB logo.
This official organic logo belongs to the French Ministry of Agriculture and Fishing.
All Babynat products are certified according to AB standards (except the Goat Milk and the “Vegetables and Wild Cod jar”)

Organic products are more expensive than others ?

Organic agriculture, request more space, more time and more workforce than conventional agriculture. The outputs are less important and the effect of that is sometimes an improvement of the price for the consumer.
Moreover, organic agriculture is less subsidized than conventional agriculture. In addition, this mode of production respect the environment since the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides is prohibited. However, it is recognized that an excessive use of these products pollutes the ground, the subterranean waters and of surface. We have to keep in mind that the costs of depollution are largely supported by the taxpayers. Last but not least, we give generally more importance to an organic product because we give him more value. Thus we do not waste it and at the end of the day that enables us to consume better and less. Ex: the organic bread keeps better, with more flavour, which avoids the wasting.

What are the advantages of organic products ?

The respect of our beautiful planet

The environment-friendly methods of the organic mode of exploitation aim to preserve the environment and to protect the integrity and quality of the grounds and the ground water.

Tasty products

Organic fruits and vegetables are cultivated without artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Cultivated at the natural rhythm of the seasons and collected when the ripe is reached, they can restore all their taste, perfumes and nutritional properties.

Human wellbeing

Organic agriculture takes advantage, in a natural way, of all the benefits of the ground and returns it to customers.

That is why Vitagermine focus on organic agriculture.
Vitagermine, Organic Food, Organic Nutrition
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